Classes Instructed by Professor Gu

    - BME590: Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, 2015 Spring, 2016 Spring (credit hours: 3)

    Course Description: (Lecture)
    This course will introduce students to modern topics in the area of controlled drug delivery and relevant biomedical applications. Each topic will provide a comprehensive and critical examination of current and emerging research on the design and development of advanced drug delivery systems and their applications to experimental and clinical therapeutics. This course will illustrate the pivotal role of multidisciplinary approaches to modern drug delivery, encompassing the application of biological and physicochemical principles to the engineering of drug delivery systems.


    - BME204: Biomedical Measurements, 2013 Fall, 2014 Fall (credit hours: 3) Class Evaluation Score: 4.7/5.0

    Course Description: (Lecture + Lab)
    This course will introduce students to modern topics in biomedical engineering and areas of emphasis in the biomedical engineering curriculum through the study and use of biomedical measurements. The course will include an introduction to electronics and measurement systems followed by an overview of instruments used to characterize individual molecules, biomaterial surfaces, and biological cells. Instruments for measuring the nervous, circulatory, pulmonary, renal, skeletal, and integumentary systems will also be discussed. Students will perform laboratory exercises that complement the lectures.

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